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Agreement for the provision of therapeutic services

Psychotherapy and counselling involve the provision of a non-judgemental and confidential space in which you can explore the psychological and emotional difficulties which are adversely affecting you.  The aim is that through the time we spend together, you are enabled to live your life in a way that is more acceptable to you. 

At our first session, copies of this agreement will need to be signed by all involved in the therapy to acknowledge agreement to these terms.  All parties will then receive a copy of the signed agreement.  Additional terms and conditions apply to third party commissioners of Counselling in Gosport which will be provided upon enquiry.

If following our first assessment session you decide to continue, future sessions will be of one hour’s duration beginning at the agreed appointment time.  In as far as is practicable, we will seek to arrange those sessions on the same day and time each week.  Our commitments will require some flexibility in this, and an opportunity will always be provided at the end of each session to discuss and confirm the next appointment.

Should it be necessary for you to cancel an appointment I would ask that you give a minimum of twenty four hours notice.  It is usual practice to require payment for missed sessions except in the case of unexpected emergencies.

Confidentiality means that I will not discuss our work together with any other person or agency without your explicit permission.  There are some exceptions to this statement as follows:

1.  If you disclose information about a serious criminal offence

2.  If you make me aware that either you or another person is at risk of harm

3.  If you are in contact with any statutory service that need to know about our contact

Should any such disclosure be necessary, I will always seek to make you aware before doing so.

In order to maintain the quality of my work, I am required to engage in regular clinical supervision.  This single person/my supervisor will be aware of the content of the work we are doing together, but will only know you by your first name.  My supervisor will also be given your contact telephone number to ensure that should I be unable to continue our work together for any unexpected reason, you will be made aware.

If you require confirmation for any third party regarding your attendance at our sessions I will do so.  Such confirmation will be limited to days and times, and themes explored.  No reports will be provided, nor opinion offered regarding risk issues.  I will require your explicit written consent for such disclosures. 

Certificates of qualification and insurance will be shown on request when you attend appointments.

I keep brief notes regarding our sessions to enable progress to be monitored.  Such notes are kept in a secure cabinet and will be destroyed in due course.  Third party access to any notes will only occur should the judicial process require this (ie subpoena/court order).

I am registered as a psychotherapist with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).  Should you be unhappy about any aspect of my work, and following discussion with me have been unable to address those issues to your satisfaction, you may contact UKCP at

America House

2 America Square

London EC3N 2LU

Telephone: 020 7014 9955

UKCP have a robust complaints procedure in place and will advise you regarding how to progress this.

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